Yokohama Bay – Ed’s Place

My dad used to catch fish for aquariums and was really into free diving back in the day. He always told me about this spot called Ed’s Place on the south side of Yokohama Bay. We went with Anna, Vieve, John, Chris and my family to check it out. It’s about a hundred yards south of the gate into Yokohama and there are two parking areas (one closer to yokes, one right in front of Ed’s Place).

The spot has a really nice table top section with a good drop off all around. Average depth was about 15 feet and the reef was some of the nicest i have ever seen. Lots of vana, including the kind that glows blue when you get really close, and the ones with super long spines (black 12″). Also the red thick spined kind measuring almost a foot and a half across. We found a few cool swim throughs but nothing crazy.

The coral was some of the nicest i have ever seen and there are not a ton of fish but a good diversity. The highlight of the dive was seeing a group of 5 or 6 squid cruising in the shallows as we were coming in. Everyone had a great time and we even got out to the life guard stand for a body surf at the end of the day. It was a really short dive, less than a quarter mile, but we had a lot of fun and can’t wait to check out more spots on the west side.

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